Answering to a higher authority


Not only did Ann Copland, an adviser to Mississipi Sen. Thad Cochran, allegedly accept thousands of dollars in gifts from disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s shop – she wanted hot dogs too. And of the kosher variety:

"Ackkk. Only beer and no Hebrew National hot dogs," she allegedly complained in a 2003 email to lobbyist Todd Boulanger, who worked for Abramoff. The email emerged as part of the evidence in a plea agreement Boulanger reached with the feds.

So here’s the question: Was Abramoff’s luxury suite at Baltimore’s Camden Yards missing the Hebrew Nationals because it was stocked with foodstuffs from Stacks, the kosher Deli Abramoff ran in DC?

Or was Abramoff simply uncomfortable with the Hebrew National motto, about answering to you-know-whom?

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