Fundermentalvision: The Lean Years Part II


The Samuel Bronfman Foundation and Natan will continue their “Lean Years” series on small Jewish non-profits in a time of recession tonight at the SBF’s offices in Manhattan.

If you can’t make it to the invite only lecture, the Fundermentalist will webcast the event starting at 5:45 p.m.

The second lecture in the series will feature a presentation by Michael Weinstein, the Chief Program Officer of the Robin Hood Foundation, who will talk about the toll that the economy has taken on the non-profit sector.

He will be followed by Shawn Landres, the CEO and Director of Research at Jumpstart. Landres will discuss the results of a survey that Natan and the SBF commissioned with Jumpstart into the landscape of young Jewish non-profits.

Jumpstart surveyed some 230 organizations that were founded after 1998 and have budgets of less than $2 million.

As much as $500 million has already been invested in these programs and up to $100 million is being spent annually to support them, many of which are considered the heart of Jewish innovation.

The study looks into how they have been affected by the economy.

I will have more on the survey later, but it is embargoed until this evening.

You can check out the first Lean Years seminar here

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