The pope hectors Pelosi – does she hector back?


I wondered yesterday whether Nancy Pelosi, the U.S. House of Representatives speaker who met Pope Benedict XVI, raised the issue of the recent reinstatement in the Catholic church of Holocaust denier Richard Williamson.

Now it looks like – according to the Religion News Service – that, if any thing, Pelosi was on the wrong end of any hectoring. The pope took her task for her pro-reproductive rights stance.

So now I seriously want to know – yes, yesterday, I was a little flippant, now I’m serious  – did Pelosi bring up Williamson?

I mean, I understand the church’s sensitivities on the abortion issue. I do. But where does he get off lecturing anyone about the death of innocents after the Williamson fiasco?

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro is on the Italy tour, but unfortunately did not get into the room with the pope. DeLauro spearheaded a recent letter to the pope from congressional Catholics, expressing concern about how his Holiness handled the Williamson issue.

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