The News Shticker: Autographed yarmulkes, anti-Aipac group threatens punk

  • In China, the association of Jews and money has long been considered a good thing. But, Ynet reports, a relatively new book called "Currency Wars" threatens to change all that.
  • According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Jonathan Chalett doesn’t wear kippahs, but he carries them in his car, along with Sharpies — among the names in his signed yarmulkes collection: Barack Obama, Magic Johnson, David Lee Roth and Uma Thurman.
  • The New York Jewish Week takes a look at "Being Erica," a nightime soap about a Jewish 30-something woman who gets to revisit her disastrous bat mitzvah and a sinful Yom Kippur.
  • JTA’s Ron Kampes lists the reasons to be offended by a new anti-Aipac group whose members were arrested for blocking a Manhattan fundraiser for the pro-Israel lobby. But his biggest concern is that they could end up ruining punk.
  • The Sportsman Daily imagines that Dubai has banned the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue because the cover is clad by the barley clad Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli (it’s a parody).

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