The pasta fashla


Sometimes, it must be said, Israel walks itself in to hasbara disasters, no assistance needed from the "hostile" media, Jewish "self-haters," terrorists, etc. etc. etc.

Keeping pasta (and shoes!) out of Gaza counts as one such occasion. (Rice, but not pasta; diapers, but not footwear. The bureaucrat making these calls evidently crawled out of one of Ephraim Kishon‘s nightmares.)

If this looks like collective punishment, it’s because it is. And if Hamas gets ahold of the zitti and uses it to make itself look good, then it’s because Israel failed to adequately cripple the terrorist group during the last war – and residents of Gaza should not pay for that failure with malnutrition.

This means, of course, the dreaded ellisions are on their way: We must keep weapons out of Gaza. Fine. By all means, do so. Blast the tunnels into oblivion. Pulverize the rocket launchers.

But the greatest threat posed by pasta is to Dr. Atkins’ diet.

So please, let in the carbs.

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