Gay Israeli couple allowed to adopt


JERUSALEM (JTA) — A gay Israeli couple can legally adopt their foster son, a Tel Aviv court ruled.

Former Knesset member Uzi Even and his life partner, Dr. Amit Kama, who were married in Toronto in 2004, on Tuesday were given the right to adopt their 30-year-old foster son, whom they took in 15 years ago.

They are the first same-sex male couple in Israel to have their legal right of adoption recognized. 

The couple decided to adopt after Tel Aviv University refused to give their foster son a tuition discount reserved for children of faculty members.

Yossi Even-Kama moved in with the couple at 16 when he was kicked out of his parents’ home after revealing his homosexuality.

In October 2005, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that a lesbian couple could adopt each other’s biological children.

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