Back from the JFN and on top of Obama


I’m just settling back into the New York office after the Jewish Funders Network Conference in St. Pete (and getting used to typing with all 10 fingers on a full sized keyboard, rather than with just my thumbs on twitterberry).

I have a lot to unpack from Florida that will be coming out over the next few days.

But before I start deciphering my notes, there’s this post from my JTA colleague Eric Fingerhut on our Capital J blog.

Top economist says deduction change would be disaster

President Obama defended his proposal to reduce the charitable tax deduction for wealthy taxpayers at last night’s press conference, saying it shouldn’t affect charitable donations. But in this morning’s Washington Post, prominent economist and Harvard University economics professor Martin Feldstein says he’s wrong and urges the president to withdraw the proposal. Feldstein, who sits on Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, calls it an tax on charities which would reduce "their receipts by a dollar for every dollar of extra revenue the government collects"

Check out the whole post here.

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