J Street stats on jewish giving


Earlier this week, the politics guys here gauged the reaction to J-Street’s poll of American Jews.

The poll also included some data on Jewish giving. (Thanks to Shawn at jewishjumpstart.org for pointing it out.)

From the poll:

Q.73 How would you characterize the organizations and causes to which you contribute money? (610 resppondents)

  • Non-Jewish charities  57 
  • Jewish organizations and charities    52
  • Political campaigns    44
  • Synagogue or temple    36
  • Israel-related organizations and charities    30
  • Non-Jewish advocacy organizations    29
  • Other    11
  • I don’t contribute money to organizations or causes    17

    Q.74 (IF CONTRIBUTE MONEY) Has the current economic situation affected your charitable or political contributions? (610 respondents)

  • I have reduced or will reduce my contributions to non-Jewish organizations and charities    42
  • I have reduced or will reduce my contributions to political campaigns    37
  • I have reduced or will reduce my contributions to Jewish organizations and charities    35
  • I have reduced or will reduce my contributions to synagogues or temples    21
  • I have not and will not reduce my contributions to organizations and political campaigns    39
  • Total reduced    61

    Q.75 Have you, someone you know, or an organization that you support been affected by the Bernard Madoff financial scandal? (610 respondents)

  • Yes, I have been personally affected    2
  • Yes, someone I know has been affected    17
  • Yes, an organization that I support has been affected    28
  • No, I have not been personally affected, I don’t know anyone who has been affected, and none of the organizations that I support have been affected    55
  • I do not know about the Bernard Madoff financial scandal    6
  • Total yes    39


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