The hot dog incident is behind us-UPDATE


If you’ve ever wondered what lands in a Jewish reporter’s inbox (and if you have, you have less of a life than even I do), this is not untypical:

Cheskel’s Shwarma King: An update and Final Clarification

Cheskel’s  Shwarma King located at 3715 13th Avenue in the Boro Park section of Brooklyn, the site of an unfortunate incident involving the sale of a non-kosher frankfurter is currently very busy. No longer  answering questions about what transpired–that has been answered to the satisfaction of its supervising agency–Bais Din Tartikov but extremely busy trying to fulfill orders of everything ranging from Shwarma, fries and its trademark VIP Chulent.

"Unfortunate incident" involving a frankfurter?

No story unless we get photos.

And high-res.

UPDATE: All right, I asked for this. Thanks to an alert reader, I now know there was real drama involved here — and yes, there is video! It involved workers picking up the wrong type of frankfurters, a heated exchange and … an electric knife! Yes!

Here’s the Jerusalem Post report.

And here’s the CBS TV report

Best line: "I don’t want to get killed for a hot dog."

FURTHER UPDATE: Thanks to Vosizneias we now have a timeline for the frankfurter incident.

The restaurant is now under 24-hour video surveillance.

I’m a little worried about the mysterious "person in the middle," however.  Did he eat treif? Or not? He (or she?) has the liquid, ethereal quality of the grassy knoll…

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