Israel kills Gazan gunmen, Kassams strike Israel


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Four Kassam rockets were fired at southern Israel from Gaza several hours after the Israeli army killed two Palestinian gunmen.

The rockets fired Tuesday afternoon did not cause any deaths or damage, according to reports.

Israeli soldiers killed two Palestinian gunmen and wounded at least three Tuesday morning on Israel’s border with Gaza, according to news reports.

The gunmen allegedly were planting explosives along the border fence when the Israeli soldiers entered Gaza and began a fire-fight with the Palestinians. An Israel Defense Forces soldier was injured in the fighting. An Israeli helicopter backing up the soldiers hit the Palestinian gunmen.

"The incident shows that IDF troops are extremely alert, they see what’s happening, and when someone tries to plant bombs along the border, they act quickly and two terrorists are dead," Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Tuesday during a tour of the northern border. "It’s very good that the IDF is ready and alert to defend the border."

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