Argentine Jews upset by president’s comparison


BUENOS AIRES (JTA) — Argentina’s president compared the British occupation of the Malvinas Islands with Israel and the Palestinians.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, during the South American and Arab Countries President’s Summit in Qatar, said Tuesday that Britain has “an inadmissible colonial enclave” in the Argentine islands and should fulfill a U.N. resolution to renegotiate the situation.

In addition, she criticized “the unfulfilled United Nations resolution regarding the recognition of a Palestine state and the Middle East conflict.”

“The Malvinas and the Palestinian situations are terrible examples of lack of accomplishment of measures stated by the international organs,” said Fernandez de Kirchner.

The comparison of the situation in the Malvinas, also known as the Falkland Islands, with the Palestinians’ situation in the West Bank and Gaza angered Argentine Jewish leaders.

Aldo Donzis, the president of the local Jewish political umbrella, said “I believe it is very confusing to equate these two different situations, comparing a colonial situation such as the British in Malvinas with Israel, which does not occupy an inch of Palestinian territory in Gaza or in the West Bank.”


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