U.S. rabbis want investigation of IDF


JERUSALEM (JTA) — U.S. rabbis have called on Israel’s attorney general to open an independent investigation into alleged abuses by the IDF in Gaza.

Rabbis for Human Rights-North America joined 10 Israeli human rights organizations Friday in calling for the investigation of Israeli soldiers’ actions during Israel’s military operation in Gaza, Operation Cast Lead.

"While Rabbis for Human Rights appreciates the army’s internal investigation into these allegations, we support our colleagues’ belief that an independent investigation is the only way to clear Israel’s name and to determine the veracity of the allegations," a news release stated.

The organization called for allegations of human rights violation, the use of white phosphorus gas and the number of civilians killed all to be independently investigated.

The release continued: "Israel and the IDF have heretofore been proud of holding its soldiers to the highest ethical standards when engaged in armed conflict.  Any suggestion of behavior contrary to those standards ought to be investigated by the civil government for the sake of the nation’s moral stature.  Failure to do so could well be interpreted as an admission of guilt and would undermine the values of civil society within a democracy."

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