Live blogging John Kerry: Tough talk on Iran — and a call for settlement freeze


9:15 Kerry receives arm standing ovation.

9:16 Kerry asks: How did Lee Rosenberg get elected president [of AIPAC] but not me. He did well with Jewish vote.

9:16 Kind words for Benjamin Netanyahu.

9:17 You can count on Obama and Biden [applause].

9:18 Red Sox beat Yankees last night.

9:18 Leaders change. Times change. Amerca’s support for Israel’s dream, for Israel’s security — "that will never change." [Standing ovation.]

9:20 Invoking Yitzhak Rabin’s memory [applause].

9:22 Time will come when Gilad Shalit is freed [applause].

9:22 Will do everything I can to guarantee that $30 billion in aid to Israel is paid in full. [Big applause, standing ovation.]

9:23 Invokes "Tikkun Olam" in thanking AIPAC for fighting for overall foreign aid package. One-two punch from AIPAC and Bono helped it pass. Food and medicine because AIPAC knew its mission didn’t end with Israel.

9:25 President Obama was right to boycott Durban conference in Geneva [Big applause, half-the-crowd stands].

9:26 Calls out Venezuela for attack on synagogue.

9:26 Reflects on helicopter trip with Tzipi Livni.

9:27 Talking about trip to Sderot.

9:28 Road to peace is for the end of rockets from Gaza.

9:28 Source of most dangers comes from Iran. Nuclear armed Iran is the worst danger. Believes nuclear-armed Iran is an existential threat.

9:29 Must take threat seriously. Would embolden Hezbollah and Hamas, trigger Mideast arms race.

9:29 Must give talks with Iran a chance. Old strategy didn’t work. Red lines were not enforced.

9:30 Not to accept the acceptable, but to ensure that Iran does not get a nuclear bomb.

9:30 Outreach alone is not a strategy. Needs to be backed up with possibility of tough sanctions.

9:31 World needs to agree on enforceable red line, and then the world needs to enforce it.

9:31 Give Syrian talks a chance.

9:32 No Iranian meddling, no Iranian dominance, no Iranian nukes.

9:33 Arab concerns are real and have changed.

9:34 Plays up the Arab peace initiative — but says Arabs need to start backing up with actions.

9:34 We need a regional road map. Would give Israel something it needs from its neighbors — accountability.

9:34 Arab nations need to tell Hamas rocket attacks must stop. Must start to normalize relations. Incitement has to stop. Fix school books and maps. Cannot preach peace out of one side of your mouth and hate out of the other.

9:36 Two-state solution vital for Israel’s security [a handful of claps].

9:37 I understand your concerns.

9:38 None of us have done enough to make that entity a reality. Must help the moderates. Can’t allow Hamas to win another election.

9:39 Calls for settlement freeze. New settlements hurt Abbas, boost Hamas and the enemies of peace in the region.

9:43 Recalls talking Josephus and saying "Am Yisrael Chai" on the top of Masada.

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