Ahmadinejad, Assad meet in Damascus


JERUSALEM (JTA) — The relationship between Syria and Iran is "deepening and developing on various levels," Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in Damascus.

The Iranian president and Syrian President Bashar Assad met Tuesday during Ahmadinejad’s formal visit to his closest ally in the region.

Assad said during a joint news conference that the two leaders discussed the Palestinians, the situation in Iraq and Iran’s nuclear program.

Ahmadinejad also met with Hamas head Khaled Meshaal and with representatives of nine other Palestinian organizations to send a message to the new Israeli government that they were united against it, Ynet reported. 

The head of the Islamic Republic also made a veiled reference to the United Nations.

"Experience has proven that the organizations established after World War II have run their course and cannot solve the problems of today’s world," Ahmadinejad said. "They can’t achieve security for the world because their positions are built on discrimination."

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