Live Blogging Bibi at AIPAC
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Live Blogging Bibi at AIPAC

Benjamin Netanyahu addresses AIPAC delegates via satellite.

8:03 Bibi says hello.

8:04 Respects Obama, looking forward to seeing him in a few weeks. (Applause is halting.)

8:04 Arabs and Israel both worried about Iran.

8:05 "Iran must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons."

8:05 "We want peace with the Arab world, but we also want peace with the Palestinians."

8:06 Triple track. Political track. Security track. Economic track. Ready to open negotiatoions without preconditions.

8:08 Can work with Obama and Abbas. Suprise the world. Defy the skeptics.

8:08 Two requirements: No compromise on security and Palestinains must recognize Israel as the "nation state of the Jewish people."

8:09 Ode to Herzl.

8:09 Good night. (Hey, the guy needs some sleep, it’s 3:09 a.m. in Jerusalem.)