Isreality TV


From Ha’aretz:

As if Israeli reality was not sufficiently visceral, Israelis have become a fixture on American reality television programs, bringing a little piece of the Holy Land to American living rooms.

Israelis have appeared belting out power ballads on mega hit program "American Idol," living like castaways and eating non-kosher shellfish on "Survivor," as well as bludgeoning (and being bludgeoned) on "The Ultimate Fighter."

Some of the most prominent Israelis on the U.S. small screen have included American Idol contestant Eliot Yamin (born to an Israeli father) who finished third place in the fifth season of the show, Pugilist Ido "The Hebrew Hammer" Pariente from "The Ultimate Fighte,r" Yonatan Kashanian, winner of "Grande Fratello," Italy’s version of "Big Brother," and Mr. Clean look-a-like Ami James, a tattoo artist on Miami Ink and owner of his own clothing line.

For many viewers outside of Israel hooked on reality television, the participation of Israelis in these programs may provide an inside glimpse of Israeli life that rarely makes it past the nightly news.

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