Running late…


Still waiting for word on the results of the first Bibi-Obama White House meeting. All we know so far is that it went 30 minutes over — and already the Israeli media is speculating. Here’s Ha’aretz

U.S. President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched their first White House talks on Monday grappling with rare U.S.-Israeli differences over Middle East peacemaking and how to deal with  Iran.

The meeting, which began at 5:30 P.M. (Israel time), was scheduled to end at 7 P.M. and was to be followed by a joint statement by the two leaders, but the meeting was prolonged by 30 minutes and the joint statement delayed.

It is not yet clear why the meeting was prolonged, but it raised speculations that perhaps a disagreement arose between the prime minister and the American president.

The key word: perhaps. As in … we really have no idea, but why wait another hour or so to find out for sure when we can trigger a global Jewish panic?

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