Top Israeli general gets death threats


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel’s top army general in charge of the West Bank has received letters containing death threats.

The letters have been delivered to Maj-Gen. Gadi Shamni, according to reports.

"You are tainted with anti-Semitism and hatred of real Jews," one letter read. "The Arabs are your cherished ones, these sons of Satan and whoever supports them is himself a Satan and a son of Satan, and this is you.

"We will know how to get to you, too, and your children will see their father for the Satan he is," read the letter, which also threatened Shamni’s family.

The writers refer to themselves as The Orange Ones, and say they will not evacuate settlements.

Shamni’s home has been the site of settler protests, Ha’aretz reported. His car’s tires were slashed recently in his driveway.

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