India blacklists Israeli defense company


JERUSALEM (JTA) — A major Israeli defense company was blacklisted by the Indian government.

The recent move puts at risk billions of dollars in defense contracts with seven foreign firms, including contracts with Israeli Military Industries, according to the Times of India.

India’s defense minister ordered all contracts with the firms, located in Israel, Singapore, Poland and India, to "be put on hold till further orders."

The blacklist follows the arrest of India’s Ordinance Factory Board Chairman Sudipto Ghosh in a major defense scandal. The seven companies were named in the indictment.

Israel Military Industries had agreed recently on a contract with Ghosh’s company to set up an ordnance complex with five plants, according to the Times of India.

Israel Aerospace Industries and Rafael were not blacklisted despite being named in a kickbacks scandal, according to the Times, due to the several crucial defense projects they are currently involved in with India.

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