Jeffrey Goldberg goes Blumenthal on Blumenthal


Jeffrey Goldberg’s latest strategy for dissing Max Blumenthal’s Jerusalem video: listing some of the offensive anti-Jewish comments that the video inspired over at rapper 50 Cent’s Web site.

Blumenthal’s response: "Jeffrey Goldberg is apparently so short on new ideas he has posted a collection of incoherent comments from 50 Cent’s link to the video."

He has a point. Is it really fair or intellectually honest to seek to discredit Blumenthal’s video (or 50 Cent’s decision to post it) based on the anti-Semitic ramblings of a few moronic commenters?

That’s as lame as, say, drawing sweeping conclusions about a country or ethnic group based on the racist mutterings of a few drunk twentysomethings sitting at a bar in Jerusalem.

(If Blumenthal doesn’t get the hypocrisy here… then he’s no better than Mrs. Benjamin Yahoo. Actually, he’s worse, because he’s smart enought to know better.)

And while we’re on the subject of Goldberg and Blumenthal… Blumenthal and his supporters have been taking shots at Goldberg — most of them ridiculous in their sweeping generalizations and efforts to characterize him as some sort of right-wing attack machine. Guess they missed this article. Look forward to Blumenthal producing the equivalent video on Islamic fundamentalists in Gaza or, say, anti-Jewish comments at a U.S. antiwar or pro-Palestinian event.

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