Ahmadinejad: No power can threaten Iran


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said any country that attacked Iran would "deeply regret" it.

Ahmadinejad, who was re-elected Friday amid calls of fraud, said in a news conference Sunday that the United States or Israel would not attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

"Who dares to do such a thing today?" he said. "Who dares to even think about it? No power can even threaten Iran."

Ahmadinejad indicated there would be no change in Iran’s nuclear policy, saying "I think that the nuclear issue belongs to the past. We call for a global consensus on nuclear disarmament."

Meanwhile, presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi appealed the election result Sunday to the Guardian Council, Iran’s legislature, according to a statement from Mousavi posted on his Web site.

Demonstrations against the election result continued in the streets of Tehran on Sunday. 

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