Activists’ convoy permitted Gaza crossing


WASHINGTON (JTA) — A convoy of 200 U.S. activists carrying medical supplies was allowed to cross into the Gaza Strip via Egypt on Wednesday.

The convoy that arrived Wednesday, called Viva Palestina, was led by British Parliament member George Galloway and also included New York City Councilman Charles Barron, according to media reports.

Galloway, who led a similar convoy of Europeans in March, says the group aims to fight the effects of an Israeli blockade of Gaza and raise awareness of the plight of the Palestinians. Israel does allow humanitarian aid into Gaza, but transports it through Israel.

"We are saying to President Obama, the world is looking," Galloway said to a crowd of Gazans, according to media reports. "The situation in Palestine is intolerable. You have to stop this."

The Anti-Defamation League has asked the Justice Department to investigate the U.S. Viva Palestina group, noting that Galloway’s European convoy delivered money and a convoy of vehicles to Hamas representatives.

Viva Palestina said it intended to adhere to U.S. law and not provide assistance to Hamas, but would deliver the aid to a group of nongovernmental organizations.

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