J Street launches “Obama Smear Busters”-UPDATED


J Street and the Jewish Alliance for Change just launched a Web site aimed at refuting what it says are distortions of President Obama’s Middle East policies.

Obama Smear Busters is a tactic carried over from the election, when a campaign web page compiled and refuted rumors about Obama’s past as well as his associations and proposals.

Some of the entries are, indeed, refutations, like the insane rumor Eric scrambled to quell, about resettling Hamas members in the United States.

Others are more argumentative — for instance, pushing back against a claim that evacuating settlements would amount to ethnic cleansing.

Fans can also sign up to be a "smear buster" with evidence and arguments that can be copied and pasted into "reply-alls" to anti-Obama e-mails.

UPDATE: I’ve updated this post to note that this is a joint project between J Street  and the Jewish Alliance for Change



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