Peres recovers after fainting
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Peres recovers after fainting

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli President Shimon Peres was released from the hospital a day after he fainted at a ceremony in Tel Aviv.

Peres, 86, met with U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell later Sunday.

At the start of the meeting, Mitchell said "It is a pleasure to see you so vital, strong and healthy."

Peres responded with a smile and said, "It is better when you consider the alternative."

Peres had passed out for a few moments while speaking in Tel Aviv Saturday night. He was taken to Tel HaShomer hospital, where doctors said he was in good condition.

Tests conducted at the hospital did not find any problems with Peres’ health, according to reports.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wished Peres well at the beginning of Sunday’s Cabinet meeting, saying he had spoken with him that morning.

"He sounded as excellent as always," Netanyahu said. "Of course, it is impossible to stop Shimon. He spoke with me about what he plans to tell envoy Mitchell. I told him that aside from meeting Mitchell, he should rest a bit because I believe that every Israeli is genuinely concerned for our president. I am certain that I speak for every member of the government when I say that we wish him good health and continued productive activity on behalf of the State of Israel."