Bibi calls for unity in holiday message


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a New Year’s message called for unity inside and outside of Israel.

In his Rosh Hashanah message to the Diaspora, Netanyahu said that "The bonds between Israel and Diaspora Jewish communities throughout the world are a tremendous source of strength, and I will work to strengthen those bonds in the years ahead."

Netanyahu said Israeli cities that had been under attack last year are now experiencing calm and that the economy is showing signs of improvement.

"But there is much work to be done," he went on. "We must continue to safeguard our national security against the considerable threats still facing us. We must restore robust economic growth, improve education in our schools and clamp down on crime in our streets. And we must advance a responsible peace process with the goal of forging an historic peace with our neighbors.

"Above all, we must remain united. Our national unity government has given expression to the broad consensus that exists in this country. While national unity is always an important asset, in challenging times it is indispensable. That is why in the years ahead, while we work to achieve our ambitious goals, I will do everything in my power to unite our people."

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