Hezbollah accuses Israel of planting spy equipment


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Hezbollah accused Israel of placing listening devices in southern Lebanon at the end of the 2006 war between the two sides.

On Monday, the Lebanon-based terror group released a statement saying it had discovered the devices and that Israel detonated them remotely once they were discovered.

Israel reportedly detonated two of the spy devices and another was destroyed by the Lebanese military.

Three explosions were reported in southern Lebanon over the weekend.

"Preliminary indications are that these explosions were caused by explosive charges contained in unattended underground sensors which were placed in this area by the Israel Defense Forces apparently during the 2006 war," UNIFIL reported, according to the French news agency AFP.

The IDF has not acknowledged the existence of the alleged listening devices, which would violate U.N. Resolution 1701, the cease-fire agreement that ended the Second Lebanon War. The Lebanese government also has complained that Israeli drones flying recently in Lebanese airspace are a violation of the resolution.

Israel has accused Hezbollah of violating the cease-fire after recent explosions in southern Lebanon showed that the group was stockpiling weapons there. 

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