Daily Beast, USA Today launch giving sites


USA Today and Tina Brown’s online startup, The Daily Beast, have both launched philanthropy-themed sections in the past week.

USA Today, the country’s most circulated print publication, has started Kindness. The page features news tips on best practices, as well as vignettes on charitable causes.

But the publication seems to be after starting a conversation on giving and has started a forum for discussion.

The first week seems to be a little slow as posts on the forum seem a little light and mostly written by the site’s curator.

(Could someone suggest that they add the Fundermentalist to their blog roll?)

The Daily Beast, has launched the mutch edgier and sexier Giving Beast. Which looks like it will be a cross between Page Six and the Chronicle of Philanthropy – something of a fast-paced who’s giving what to where and who on philanthropy’s red carpet is making waves — featuring a ton of interviews with changemakers and a bunch of video.

I’m pretty excited to see how this one takes shape. 

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