Rubashkin and the flag


KCRG in Des Moines reports on the latest culture clash between Postville’s chasidic residents and its non-Jewish population:

Former Agriprocessors Manager Sholom Rubashkin is getting a lot of support from the Jewish Community in Postville. A jury convicted Rubashkin last week of 86 federal fraud charges.

Several homes have posters of Rubashkin on an American flag reading "Send Shalom Home" in their front yards. That’s upsetting some veterans who say this is illegal.

Now, a sign intended to pay tribute to a man at the center of controversy in Postville has instead created more controversy.

Former city council member Aaron Goldsmith said, "I think they wanted to send a message that Shalom is not forgotten, but they took an avenue they didn’t understand could be been seen as harmful."

Read the full story. And here’s the video report:

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