Bagel brawl: N.Y. vs. Montreal


Jennifer 8. Lee blogs on the question of whether Montreal boasts better bagels than … New York!?!

Are Montreal bagels really better than New York bagels?

City Room had been hearing about these legendary Montreal bagels from our readers. They were sweeter and less bloated. Since they were baked in a wood-burning oven, they had crisper crusts.

So we decided to pay a visit to Montreal’s bagel world to understand the rival to our native bagels. Montreal, which saw an influx of Jewish immigrants both before and after World War II, had become one of the main world centers of distinctive Jewish cuisine. Two Montreal bakeries stand out above all the others: Fairmount Bagel and St.-Viateur’s Bagel, both in the Mile End neighborhood.

What we found: Montreal bagel makers had no problem trash-talking New York bagels…

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