Solow: Rosenthal crossed line with Michael Oren, J Street comments


Alan Solow, a longtime backer of President Obama and chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, has issued a statement criticizing the administration’s new anti-Semitism envoy, Hannah Rosenthal. At issue are her reported comments criticizing Israel’s ambassador to Israel, Michael Oren, over his critcisms of J Street (follow all that?). Solow actually goes further than criticizing her remarks — he suggests they may have compromised her ability to do the job.

As an official of the United States government, it is inappropriate for the anti-Semitism envoy to be expressing her personal views on the positions Ambassador Oren has taken as well as on the subject of who needs to be heard from in the Jewish community. Such statements have nothing to do with her responsibilities and, based upon comments I am already receiving, could threaten to limit her effectiveness in the area for which she is actually responsible.

Politico’s Ben Smith has Solow’s full statement, plus one from Assistant Secretary of State Jeff Feltman praising Oren.

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