Potty hasbara


It’s that time of year again, when students across the country will thrust the Middle East conflict right onto the quad, penetrating their campuses with Israeli checkpoints and erecting "apartheid walls." 

But rest assured, the pro-Israeli students have brought protection. 

Here’s two examples. They may be tasteless, they are certainly unsubtle, but effective? We’ll see. 

The first comes from our friends to the north, who have launched a slick new Web site, Size Doesn’t Matter, which they’re promoting with this video:

The Torontoist blog has the skinny from Rebecca Cherniak, of the Canadian Federation of Jewish Students, which produced the video and is coordinating the campaign, aimed at reversing the low opinion of Israel on college campuses.  

“After seeing the video we hope students will visit sites such as Size Doesn’t Matter in order to learn more about the country, and come to their own conclusions about Israel’s actions and role in the Middle East,” Cherniak said.

Good luck with that. 

Cherniak says there’s more on the way. The next video, she said, "will take the viewers from an office scene to a bedroom scene." And the video shtick is only part of a three-pronged strategy the student federation is rolling out, so stay tuned. 

Then there’s this poster, from the pro-Israel PR agency Blue Star.

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