Interested in audience’s reaction


To the Editor:

It should be no surprise when a German citizen, be he an actor, a musician or a politician, makes insensitive remarks about Jews or about the Holocaust. This by itself tells us very little. It happens from time to time, not only in Germany but in other countries, even the United States.

What the article should have noted was the reaction of the audience, which apparently included some influential people. Were they shocked, did they laugh, did they applaud?

Sixty-five years have passed since the end of the Holocaust. Relatively few people are alive today who either participated in or were observers of the gradual and vicious destruction of European Jewry. How do the children and grandchildren of the wartime anti-Semites feel about the evil that their culture spawned and supported?

German anti-Semitism did not end in 1945. I, and I am sure others, would be very interested to hear more about this incident.

Stan Rose
Silver Spring, Md.

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