Best mention of the Gyllenhaals in a political analysis


At Talking Points Memo, M.J. Rosenberg analyzes why he thinks Dan Senor, who has AIPAC and neo-con credentials, won’t get the GOP nomination for senator in New York.

I don’t know enough to weigh in — but this cracked me up:

(Senor) was my intern on Capitol Hill in 1990 after I succeeded George Stephanopoulos as Congressman Edward Feighan’s chief-of-staff. (Feighan’s a great guy but his chief-of-staff trajectory was all downhill after George) Senor was a liberal Jewish kid from Cleveland. Smart, funny and a great magician.

But then his older sister married a rightwing Republican senate aide. And younger brother instantly idolized him (kind of a boring Washington version of the relationships between Jake Gyllenhaal, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard except without all the "a’s").

This is relevant, the Gyllenhaals being Jewish and all!

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