Schumer to Bibi: How about that $1,800?


 Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) just addressed the AIPAC crowd. Schumer’s known for his speaking skills, and he did not disappoint, urging backing for legislation that would immediately impose sanctions on Iran.

He noted that his name is a derivative of the Hebrew "shomer," or guardian, and said he was pledged to guarding the security of the Jews and Israel.

He also guards a grudge. He remembered one of his earliest encounters with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, when Bibi was a U.N. ambassador in the 1980s, and Schumer was a congressman from New York.

The Schumers invited Bibi over for Shabbat dinner and put on quite a spread. Someone made the mistake of asking Bibi to explain price controls, which then beset Israel’s economy.

"Bibi being Bibi," Schumer said, the ambassador took a 2-liter Pepsi bottle, unscrwed the cap, stuck his thumb in it and proceeded to shake.

"This is Israel’s economy," Netanyahu said. "It looks stable…" and then he pulled out his thumb.

"It took me $1,800 to clean up the mess," Schumer said — and he wanted to know if Bibi was ready to pay up.

Hey, at least he wasn’t asking interest. 

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