Dancing with Barak


 The American Jewish Committee is staging its annual gala, as usual, in Washington.

And as usual, the program features awards and keynote speakers from the leadership of friendly foreign nations — which is why the AJC calls itself the "State Department of the Jewish people."

In this case, Spanish foreign minister Miguel Moratinos will be honored and Maxine Verhagen, the Dutch foreign minister, will speak.

And also not unusually (although I don’t think it’s as routine) a top Israeli minister — this year, Defense Minister Ehud Barak — will speak.

And finally, a top official of the administration of the day is slotted in– necessarily to be named just before the gala, because you never know who’ll be available. Past speakers have included secretaries of state and, if I’m not mistaken, even presidents.

All well, good and reassuring.

What’s new is this:

"Dinner and dancing to follow program."

I don’t remember dancing.

Who knows? Maybe this could be one way of resolving U.S.-Israel tensions. First on the floor, Ehud and … who? Hillary? Janet? Susan?

And who leads? 

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