Radio host suspended over anti-Semitic jokes


SYDNEY, Australia (JTA) – A New Zealand comedian who apologized for making anti-Semitic jokes was suspended from his radio show.

David Fane will return as host of a breakfast show on The Radio Network in mid-July; he was suspended Monday. Network executives are supportive of the radio host and television personality.

"David has met with us today and he profoundly regrets his remarks and unreservedly apologizes for the offense they will have caused," said John McElhinney, the network’s chief executive.

Fane was delivering his stand-up comedy routine to advertising bosses at an event in Auckland on June 23 when he asked the audience, “Would you roast an HIV person? “You’d roast them because they’re expendable, like the Jews. Hitler had a right, you know.”

Fane, 43, later told 3 News, “I really am so very sorry for any offense I have caused. They were dumb words said by a dumb man.”

He also admitted to being intoxicated.

“I wasn’t in control at the time the statements were made," Fane told the New Zealand Herald. “Upon reflection I was probably, at the time, thinking of what in comedic circles is referred to as ‘offensive humor’ as opposed to anything serious.”

New Zealand Jewish Council President Stephen Goodman condemned the remarks as “a very anti-Semitic statement” but said he did not believe that Fane was anti-Semitic.

“It just supports our intention that it was a stupid act, there is no anti-Semitic intent, just someone getting carried away with the situation and saying silly things,” Goodman told 3 News.

Reports that Fane resigned from his TV and radio roles were not correct, 3 News said.

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