Was a pro-Israel Dem donor a target of the alleged Russian spy ring?


Ben Smith  at Politico does yeoman’s work here adding up the probabilities that the party fund-raiser named in the federal complaint that led to the arrest of ten alleged Russian spies was Alan Patricof, a major donor to hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign:

A leading Democratic fundraiser and close political ally of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have been a target of the alleged ring of Russian spies arrested yesterday by federal authorities.

The president of the high-end tax accounting and financial advising firm Morea Financial Services confirmed earlier today that the alleged spy "Cynthia Murphy" was a longtime employee and a vice president at the company, which is located on lower Broadway in Manhattan. Federal and state campaign finance filings suggest that the little-known company manages the finances of one of New York’s top Democratic financiers: Alan Patricof, a venture capital figure and the finance chairman of Clinton’s Senate campaign, as well as a top presidential campaign fundraiser.

According to the federal complaint, Murphy had "several work-related personal meetings" with a person it describes as "a prominent New York-based financier," and says she and her husband and alleged co-conspirator accurately reported back to Moscow that the financier was "prominent in politics" and "an active fundraiser for" a major political party, as well as "a personal friend" of a current Cabinet secretary, and in a position to provide information about foreign policy.

Murphy, the complaint says, was assigned this person’s account. 

Patricof fits those descriptions: He’s a friend of Secretary Clinton as well as a major Democratic fundraiser.

He also appears to be a Morea client. A 2009 filing with the New York State Board of Elections lists him and his wife Susan "c/o Morea Financial Services," while a Federal Elections Commission document that year lists him as an employee of Morea Financial Services, likely a typo connected to his method of payment, but one which seems to confirm that he used the firm.

Patricof also was involved in the now-effectively defunct Israel Policy Forum. Here’s his Huffington Post blog post from its April 2005 dinner, when then-deputy prime minister Ehud Olmert came out as a dove.

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