Iran supplied Syria with radar, report claims


(JTA) — Iran has supplied Syria with a sophisticated radar system that could provide an early warning of an Israeli attack on its nuclear facilities, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Thursday’s report, which cites Israeli and U.S. officials, says the new radar also could benefit the Iran-backed Hezbollah, which is based in Lebanon and is believed to receive arms from Syria.

If Syria shares its radar information with Hezbollah, it could increase the accuracy of the terrorist organization’s own missiles, according to the report.

The radar system reportedly was transferred in mid-2009 and disclosed in recent months by two Israeli officials, two U.S. officials and a Western intelligence source, and confirmed Wednesday by the Israeli military, according to The Wall Street Journal. Iran and Syria have denied the transfer.

Israeli and U.S. officials told the newspaper that improved radar capability would give Syria and Iran better visibility of Israeli airspace and provide early warning of an Israeli strike.

Israel bombed an alleged nascent Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007, reportedly after jamming Syria’s radar. During the second Hezbollah war in 2006, Israeli planes flew in Lebanese airspace unimpeded, The Wall Street Journal quoted an Israeli pilot as saying. The pilot said he believes it will not be like that in a future war.

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