Save the cats!


The leader of a prominent pro-Israel organization sent me an urgent email this morning asking me to post this note from a friend who works in Kabul for the U.S. government:

I need your help in finding a new home for two Bengal cats.  You can help me by forwarding this email to anyone who might be interested in providing a home for these cats.  You can also help by providing information on well-respected organizations that provide adoption or rescue services.

I’m overseas in Kabul and their current caretakers, who live in the Washington DC-area, have to return to Europe on an urgent matter. 

The cats, Babkah and Hannah, are 12-year old Bengal cats.  Babkah is the marbled male, show quality; Hannah is a spotted female.  It’s important that they remain together.  They are indoor cats with great temperament and intelligence; affectionate; well-trained; and healthy with no history of health problems, including teeth.  They adapt well to new surroundings.  I’ve added some photos below and am happy to answer anyone’s questions about the cats.

I apologize for the mass mailing but the matter is unexpected and urgent, and I really do need your assistance to find a good home for these cats.



If you want to help, send an email to

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