Hackers hit Buchenwald website


(JTA) — Hackers replaced a list of Buchenwald victims with far-right slogans and links to Holocaust denial sites, officials at the concentration camp’s memorial said.

The Buchenwald foundation said the attack by neo-Nazis on Buchenwald.de took place Wednesday, according to reports. The site of Mittelbau-Dora, another former camp nearby, also was hacked. Both sites were back up Thursday.

The Buchenwald attackers posted messages including "We will return" and "Brown is beautiful." Brown is a reference to Adolf Hitler’s brown-shirted SA storm troopers.

This was "an attempt to efface the memory of the victims of Nazi crimes," Volkhard Knigge, the Buchenwald memorial’s director, told The Associated Press.

Buchenwald memorial officials said it was the first such criminal attack against the memorial. Police have opened an investigation.

An estimated 56,000 people were killed by the Nazis at the camp in eastern Germany between 1937 and 1945, including 11,000 Jews.

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