Will Chelsea dance the horah?


We’ve already posted on speculation over whether Chelsea Clinton will be having a Jewish wedding Saturday night.

A rabbi? A chuppah? Who cares. A blogger at Examiner.com wants to know what music will be played:

Because the two are joining their faiths in their marriage union, when the two wed on Saturday, what kind of music will be played at their ceremony and reception?  Will they have a traditional Jewish wedding and festive reception complete with Jewish music?  Will they uphold the bride’s upbringing and include Christian music.  Or, will they have a combination of the two?  Perhaps, they will break all tradition by including neither.  No one knows for sure except for the bride, groom and any musicians they have hired for the day.

Related, irrelevant piece of JTA editor/Chelsea Clinton trivia: I was once at a bar mitzvah with Chelsea Clinton (back when her father was still president). She was poised, gracious, etc. Unfortunately, the photographer less so. After the horah was over, we were all called back to the dance floor a few minutes later.

Why? Because the photographer had missed the first one. She had been too busy trying to snap shots of Chelsea.

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