With the heat on, Israel breaks electricity mark


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Electricity use in Israel to combat a heat wave blanketing the country hit an all-time high, according to the government-run electric company.

The country broke the mark on Sunday, according to the Israel Electric Corp., when temperatures reached nearly 110 degrees Fahrenheit in some places. Humidity of 70 percent during the day and 90 percent at night is making it feel much worse.

Company officials have called on Israelis to reduce their use of major appliances during peak hours, between noon and 5 p.m.

Israeli electric reserves reportedly are very low.

Damages from the death of more than 1 million chickens in the heat wave, which began two months ago, is being estimated at $1.3 million. The chickens have died throughout the country, notably in the North.

Expected to continue for several more days, the excessively hot weather is being attributed to extremely hot winds from Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria, Haaretz reported.


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