JetBlue + El Al = Steven Slater?


For those of us who have been flying JetBlue from the beginning, it was hard to imagine that one of its flight attendants would snap. At the same time, it was hard not to appreciate the creativity and flare of Steven Slater’s down-the-chute exit from the plane.

Like everyone else, I’ve been wanting a convincing explanation for all of this. And one with some sort of Jewish angle would be great (good for Web traffic, if not for the Jews).

Well, now we have something. Maybe this wasn’t a case of uncivil passenger/work frustration but the byproduct of corporate/national culture merger?

Courtesy of The Jerusalem Post:

El Al and JetBlue on Thursday signed an agreement to provide connecting options for customers flying between the United States and Israel.

Starting in October, passengers will be able to purchase a single ticket for travel on flights of both carriers in one transaction and have connecting service between Ben-Gurion Airport and 61 JetBlue flight destinations in North America from New York’s JFK International Airport.

The whole thing feels like a case of "Start-up Nation" gone bad.

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