Country over constituency


To the Editor:

This article should be a wake-up call for Israel, which will be faced soon with having to choose between being a Jewish state or a democracy. Once the Jews are outnumbered by non-Jews, they won’t be able to be both. One problem for Israel is that the current ruling coalition is heavily aligned with the settler groups, which do not want to withdraw to the pre 1967 borders. The main objective for the settler movement is not a two-state solution but the implementation of a “Greater Israel.”

The irony of situation is that the settler groups claim to be so patriotic, yet their actions are actually hurting Israel and dragging the country into perpetual war. Peace can only be achieved when both parties can practice self-determination.

This article correctly points out that Israel is faced with a choice between two distinct paths — one leading to peace, the other leading to a prolonged conflict. Let’s hope that Netanyahu does what’s right for his country, not what’s right for his constituency.

Todd Wexler
New York, N.Y.

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