Joel Pollak was a true believer


I never believed Joel Pollak would unseat rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), and I was right. I do think he has a great future, having run a disciplined and inspired campaign.

It’s funny though — when these candidates, or their aides, call you and insist they’re in with a chance, however grim their prospects, you think: That’s what you have to say.

Now, I’m at home, and using my web-based email. What I see when I click open an email here is the non-HTML content. I have to click the HTML attachment to see the intended text.

So, I get an email subject-lined "Joel Pollak Congratulates Jan Schakowsky on Victory." I click it open, and before I click the HTML link to read the lengthy concession, I see this:

NILES, IL–November 2nd, 2010: _

Campaign Manager Ashley Kain credited the hard work of dedicated volunteers who helped support the 14-month campaign.

“This overwhelming victory—in what was widely considered a democratic ‘safe’ district—is a testament to our strong grass-roots campaign and many supporters, who have donated time and money to ensure the people of this district get a fresh start in Washington.”

A press conference with Joel Pollak is scheduled for XXXX a.m., at Campaign HQ, at 8722 W. Dempster, in Niles.

Whaddya know. He dared to draft "overwhelming."

He really believed.

I guess that’s what it takes.

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