Krembo Season


I was told about Krembos back in August and then one day, as promised, they were everywhere.  First they appeared in shul at kiddush for the kids and then the next thing I noticed, there were casefuls in the store.

Brightly colored foil wrappers covering a chocolate dome filled inside with marshmallow-like whipped egg whites, all sitting on a cookie bottom. Pick your flavor – either vanilla or mocha.  Krembos come 8 to a package in a plastic container resembling an egg carton, to protect the precious contents. What’s not to like?

Krembos are an Israeli craze and they appear when the weather cools off enough for them not to melt and even then they are a short-lived phenomenon.  They will be around from late October only until February.  The name in Hebrew is literally a combination of two words “krem” and “bo” meaning “cream-in-it.”   According to the official Facebook page (yes, there is a Facebook page) “over 50 million krembos are sold each year – an average of 9 per person in Israel.”


All I know is that my kids are happy to eat them and we are well on our way toward helping to maintain that average.  And come to think of it, there’s one left over from today’s lunch that I think has my name on it.

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