Is Steinhardt retiring from Jewish philanthropic life?


According to this Op-ed in the Jerusalem Post by Shmuley Boteach, Michael Steinhardt, the hedge-fund manager who famously quit his job to become a full-time Jewish philanthropist, is now going to retire from Jewish communal life.

We do not have any confirmation on this, but according to Boteach, Steinhardt, who has spent more than $100 million in becoming one of the architects behind Birthright Israel, Partnership for Jewish Education, Areivim and other Jewish identity building causes, announced at his 70th birthday party that he is stepping away.

Again, we are waiting to hear from the sometimes tempestuous Steinhardt or his people about this, but this is what Boteach writes:

But for all his grouchiness, you will never find a more loyal friend or wise adviser – one who will stand by you no matter the controversy.

I was therefore heartsick to hear Michael announce at his 70th birthday party that he plans to retire from Jewish communal life next year and move on to the next chapter. Doing so would impoverish Jewry of one of its most innovative rebels and thought-provoking irritants.

And Jewish youth would lose its most stalwart advocate.


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