Jerusalem think tank claims Hamas group hacked its website


NEW YORK (JTA) — A Jerusalem-based think tank said its website was hacked by a group affiliated with Hamas.

The Jewish People Policy Institute, which focuses on the Jewish future and Israel’s security, issued a statement Feb. 3 saying that the hackers posted a picture of an Israeli tank and a Palestinian child on the English section, and removed a recently uploaded assessment and analysis documents.

The documents that were removed were written by the institute’s senior staff, including a paper dealing with the participation of world Jewry in decisions relating to the political process; a document concerning the deligitimization of Israel; an assessment of the situation of European Jewry; and a document summarizing the discussion of Israel’s controversial Conversion Law and its ramifications.

The hackers’ website is identified with the Hamas movement, an institute spokesman told JTA, "and we know for sure that they are operating from the Gaza Strip.”

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