No exoneration needed


To the Editor:

I wish someone would tell me why the Jewish people continue to find the need to be exonerated by anyone, least of all by the pope. It is ridiculous and defies common sense. The dubious origin of the "Greek Gospels," which correlates with Greek mythology and Christian beliefs, states clearly that whatever events took place involving a Jewish mortal named Jesus (Yeshua) were "preordained" — God the Father loved mankind so much that he sent his only begotten son to save manknd from sin.

If the pope, Catholics and Christians want to believe a story they were brought up to believe, that’s fine. To blame anyone for something that you want to believe was preordained defies reason. Those who came hundreds of years after and inculcated their beliefs into Church dogma, which was an intentional revision of Jewish history, hoped to alienate Judaism and the Jewish people.

Jewish leaders should end this charade and simply state that we don’t need anyone to exonerate us from that which has become Church dogma over the past 1,300 years and the basis of the Christian religion.

Dr. Charles Bierman
Yorktown Heights, N.Y.

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