Is Sarah Palin familiar with Zeev Jabotinsky?


At Commentary, Rick Richman thinks she "probably" is per reports that she wonders why Israelis think they need to apologize:

Palin probably knew her question reflected a profound historical echo, from a famous essay by Ze’ev Jabotinsky entitled “Instead of Excessive Apology.”

Shmuel Rosner, at the Jerusalem Post, is skeptical:

How would Palin "know" such thing? Would you assume Palin knows her way around Jabotinsky quotations? And how would Richman know she knows? 

My less than sanguine estimations of folks who underestimate Palin’s smarts are a matter of record, but honestly, I gotta go with Rosner here. Jabo? Palin? 

One other thing: If Richman’s disparaging reference to "Mr. Double De-caf" is to Mitt Romney … well, we could use a little less of making fun of other people’s faiths, no?

UPDATE: A reader says Tim Pawlenty is "Mr. Double De-caf" because he’s so low-key, and Romney is Mr. "Next in Line."

If that’s the case, well, considering my perpetually over-caffeinated state, this is disparagement I can certainly live with. 

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